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Sometimes I manage to get coverage in the media.

There’s another item checked off my bucket list.

I’m in the Wall Street Journal, confessing how many audiobooks I owned as of last Wednesday. (It’s more now.)

Can You Hear Me Now? The New Explosion in Audio Books

What Alexandra didn’t mention in that final quote was that I listened to that book – all 32 hours and 2 minutes of it – on a Palm Pilot. Yes, that was the first book I ever bought on Audible over 7 years ago and I still remember whole passages as though it were yesterday. It’s a fantastic story with a wonderful narrator and it’s still one of the best books I ever “read” that way. The scene where Mr. Norrell shows up the theoretical magicians with his practical magic is especially memorable and I can still quote parts of how the narrator made it come alive for me.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell on Audible