Review Policy

The Romance Evangelist Rating System:

5 Stars    = One of the best books I’ve read this year
4.5 Stars = I loved it a lot
4 Stars    = I loved it
3.S Stars = I liked it a lot
3 Stars    = I liked it
2.5 Stars = I did not like it
2 Stars    = I really did not like it
1 Star      = I hated it
0 Stars    = One of the worst books I’ve read this year
DNF = Did Not Finish

Normally I like to read pretty much any variation of romance that is written for an 18+ age audience. That means YES to New Adult and NO to Young Adult. If your book is in the middle of an ongoing series, I might ask for the previous book(s) in the series unless you are sure it can work as a stand-alone. Be very sure. 🙂

Currently I’m still pretty burned out on romantic suspense and paranormal romance, so you’re better off not asking as I wouldn’t do your book justice otherwise.

If you have a specific review date in mind, then I’ll need an ARC at least a month ahead of time. Earlier is even better, as most of my reviews are booked several months in advance.

I am also available as a beta reader if you’re looking for private constructive criticism on story structure and content. I’m firm but fair, and I always provide examples and possible solutions for any criticism.

Please Note: Although I do beta read and proofread for some authors, I have not and do not review books by those authors once that type of relationship has been established.

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