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The end of April is still April!

Hey there! Remember me? I’m back! And it’s even still April, like I promised!

As you may have surmised, I’ve had a wicked case of reviewer burnout since, oh, sometime last fall. What you may not know is that I’m also dealing with actual reading burnout, as in I’ve only read 5 books since the beginning of the year. Yeah, yeah, the struggle is real, but it’s been humbling for me. Part of it has been the ongoing adjustment to working full time again (in a job I love!) but the rest was just an inevitable reaction to the explosion in romance ebooks and my attempt to read anything and everything that sounded good.

In any case, I did set April as the end of my blog hiatus, and I’m honoring that commitment with a whole extra day to spare. In the next two days I’ll be posting reviews for my most recent reads, and I’m pleased to confirm in advance that all of them are quite good and worth the time I spent reading them. I also hope to get caught up in many of the other titles I missed reviewing in the past several months, with the caveat that I’ll be trying to pace myself to avoid a repeat burnout. With that in mind, I’ll also be declaring a modified variation of NetGalley bankruptcy on titles that are a year old or more, with my sincere apologies and understanding if future titles aren’t as readily available as a result.

But enough about me and my blogger blathering. I hope you will continue to visit and enjoy what gets posted here in the future with my sincere thanks.